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We accept foreign & expat patients

heart center 'HartKliniek'

Dutch Heart Clinic provide for all patients a warm and professional hospitality with the most medical specialised heart care. Every year we treat hundreds of international clients and patients. Because traveling far from home to receive care can be complex and stressful, Heart Clinic provides global patient services for complimentary cardiology services to you and your family during your stay in the Netherlands. We are one of the very few private specialist clinics in the Netherlands. In our centers you can go outside the National Dutch Healthcare-system for a second opinion, diagnosis, treatment, etc. We treat each patient as an individual, understanding the need for healing with compassion, and respect to the stewardship entrusted to us. When you meet with anyone from our carefully selected team of experts you will be meeting with a professional who strives to understand you, not just your condition.

Within several cardiology centers in the Netherlands, outstanding cardiologists provide excellent outpatient care, with direct access (no waiting times).

Please visit also our website: Cardiology for expats

Our services are fully covered by health insurers

Insurance agreements

Did your Dutch family doctor (GP, general practitioner / 'huisarts') refer you to us? Then your health insurance covers 60% - 100% of your treatment. We pay the remaining 40% - 0% for you. You don’t pay anything extra! We work together with all health insurance companies and also for non-contracted care we charge no personal contribution! We bill your health insurance directly and only your own risk might apply, just like in any Dutch hospital.

Did your family doctor did not refer you to us? Then it is still possible to visit us, but your treatment is not covered by your health insurance. You pay the invoice directly to us.

Consult in 48 hours

Because we don’t have a long waiting list, you can make an appointment and visit us within 48 hours for a consultation or treatment.

Overall situation in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the´huisarts´ (family doctor or General Practitioner/GP) plays a central role in health care. Whatever doctor or specialist you might need, a visit to your GP is most of the time the first stop on your way to receive medical treatment. A GP in the Netherlands is the only one in the medical system who has contact with all the medical institutions you might visit. Without a referral note from your GP your health insurance company might not reimburse you. The Dutch Heart Clinic does provide cardiac out-door care to non-Dutch GP-referred patients. Read more below.

Without medical insurance and/or referral note

You can still receive medical treatment and additional assessment for your heart if you have no medical insurance and/or if you do not have a referral note from your GP. Dutch Heart Clinic does provide cardiac out-door care to uninsured patients and non-referred patients. This is, however, subject to certain conditions. You are required to pay a fixed sum before you visit our clinic. You can arrange this at the front desk in one of our cardiologycenters or with our Administration Department (call us: 0031-88-500-2000).

Insured abroad

If you are insured abroad you are required to pay a fixed sum at the front desk in our clinic before you have your cardiology consult. You are personally responsible for reclaiming this payment from your insurance company if applicable. If you have a valid European Health Insurance Card (or provisional replacement card) or a E112 form, you should hand it before consultation on to the front desk or to the Administration Department.

Accepted methods of payment

The Dutch Heart Clinic accepts payment by bank card (‘pin-card’, no creditcard) or cash (in euros and only during office hours). If you have any questions about healthcare costs please call 0031 (0) 88 500 2000 or email our Administration Department (Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.).